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Helping farmers withstand volatile markets and low prices by developing hedging strategies to mitigate risk

Diversifying and Hedging

Farm Specific Advising

Cash Sales & Hedges

Have the Flexibility of a Hedge account without the Margin Requirements

This is a physical bushel commitment program***

Keep Your Negotiation Power:

If you can negotiate a better basis than posted you can keep that basis push.

Location Freedom:

Is your farm spread out? Hedge your grain in one spot, and you decide where to deliver the bushels.

Product Freedom:

From a straight Hedge to Arrive to a complex automatic program. You can decide what works best.

When farming becomes a bigger business sometimes keeping your marketing in one simple spot can end up saving you time and confusion.

Ideal for volatile markets, you know what levels make you money. Have the confidence to lock in the price without the worry of the margin calls.

Have the confidence to lock in multiple years of profitable grain prices while keeping flexibility in delivery locations.

Jamie Gieseke

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